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i-PROGNOSIS Newsletter #16: Successful completion… and next steps!

18th of September 2021

Successful completion… and next steps!

Hi reader,

For four years i-PROGNOSIS partners have been working closely with Parkinson’s disease patients, their relatives, medical doctors and a community of volunteers triggered by the challenge of our research project.The ambition was to develop the first non-intrusive mobile app detecting early signs of Parkinson’s and a new set of interventions to help patients sustain their quality of life.

Any research is only as good as the people contributing to it. That’s why we would like to extend a big Thank you! to all the professionals around the globe that contributed to release the iPrognosis app in new countries, the volunteers who tried the iPrognosis app (still available on the Google Play Store*), the iPrognosis smartwatch app, and the iPrognosis personalised gaming suite. Your contributions and feedback have helped us greatly to improve our prototypes!

The results of our 4-year research are progressively made available on our website through scientific publications (see our ‘Publications’ here) and project reports (see our ‘Public Deliverables’ here). You will find our latest releases in this newsletter.

As the project has come to an end, we are already working on the next steps, continuing our data collection with the iPrognosis mobile application and preparing a follow-up research project building on the most promising results of i-PROGNOSIS.


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The iPrognosis mobile application is still available for free on Google Play Store in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Keep spreading the word and help us refine algorithms screening for Parkinson’s early symptoms.



i-PROGNOSIS wins Ageing Fit Innovation Pitch!

i-PROGNOSIS wins Ageing Fit Innovation Pitch!

i-PROGNOSIS won the innovation pitch for “digital solutions” at the commercial fair AgeingFit in Nice, France today.  

Read more.

"These methods can certainly help yourself become as fit as you can" - iPrognosis by its users

"These methods can certainly help yourself become as fit as you can" - iPrognosis by its users

In a short interview with our partner, Dr. Dhaval Trivedi, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling explained why and how they got involved in our project and what benefits they could retrieve from their experience. 

See the video.



i-PROGNOSIS researchers published more than 30 articles, papers, abstracts, and posters. 

• D. Iakovakis, et al., “Early Parkinson’s Disease Detection via Touchscreen Typing Analysis using Convolutional Neural Networks“, IEEE EMB Conference 2019, 2019.

• A. Papadopoulos, et al., “Multiple-Instance Learning for In-The-Wild Parkinsonian Tremor Detection“, IEEE EMB Conference 2019, 2019.

• D. Iakovakis, et al., “Towards unobtrusive Parkinson’s disease detection via motor symptoms severity inference from multimodal smartphone-sensor data“, International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders 2019, 2019.

• L. Klingelhöfer, et al., “Medical evaluation as gold standard to control iPrognosis application derived data for early Parkinson’s disease detection“, Abstract No 2165., International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders 2019, 2019.

• P. Fagerberg, et al., “Advanced Parkinson’s disease patients eat less food in comparison to early Parkinson’s patients and healthy controls in a controlled lunch setting“, Nutrients Conference, 2019.

• A. Papadopoulos, et al., “Detecting Parkinsonian Tremor from IMU Data Collected In-The-Wild using Deep Multiple-Instance Learning“, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2019.

All publications are available on our website.



Following the award received by i-PROGNOSIS at the AgeingFit commercial fair in France, in January 2020, the project was hitting the news in several country.


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