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i-PROGNOSIS Newsletter #9: Let’s play against Parkinson’s!

19th of January 2022

Everyday technology has progressed so far, it is inexcusable not to use it for proactive health-care.


Hi reader,

Research has proven that early intervention could have an inverse relation with the Parkinson’s disease related risks. After two years of intense work on developing intelligent early detection tools, i-PROGNOSIS project partners are thus now moving forward with the elaboration of novel supportive services for people living with the disease.

The i-PROGNOSIS interventions will take the form of assistive interventions and games in order to tackle the various aspects of human life affected by Parkinson’s. Hence the Game Suite will target:

• Physical activity (ExerGames)

• Diet improvement (DietaryGames)

• Emotional expression (EmoGames)

• Handwriting and voice enhancement (Handwriting and VoiceGames).

With people’s empowerment underpinning the whole range of i-PROGNOSIS services under development, we’re always eager to hear from you! You’re living with Parkinson’s? You are a physiotherapist or carer working with people affected by the disease? Drop us a line!

Keep spreading the word about our early detection app! Data collection to help us refine algorithms screening for Parkinson’s early symptoms will keep going until October 2019. Download the iPrognosis mobile application for free on Google Play Store in Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK (and soon in Spain!).



Join our network of ambassadors and participate in a social initiative that aims to improve the wellbeing of our ageing population and accelerate the advancement of science.



The i-PROGNOSIS Exergames Paradigm: First Results of the Survey Analysis

A web-survey was disseminated to different stakeholders living or surrounding people living with Parkinson's disease to seek their views about the Personalized Game Suite (PGS) developed by i-PROGNOSIS. This survey made them ‘co-creators’ of the whole design process and will feed technical partners with recommendations for PD-related Serious-Game (SG) designers. 

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Support us by releasing the iPrognosis mobile app in new countries

Time to leap forward! The i-PROGNOSIS project is currently collecting data via the iPrognosis smartphone application as part of the GData study in four countries: Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK. New countries should add up to the list soon! Make sure your country is part of it! 

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Eating behavior among early and advanced patients with Parkinson's disease

The week from April 9th to 13th 2018 was the beginning of the i-PROGNOSIS study "Eating behavior among early and advanced patients with Parkinson's disease", aiming at identifying and quantifying meal-related behavioural differences (such as total food consumption and meal duration) among early and advanced Parkinson's patients and healthy controls. 

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Personalised Game Suite: Adaptation Algorithms

The Adaptation Manager, developed by CERTH, is responsible for intelligently configuring games and dynamically recommending game adaptations for personalised and optimised use. It supports both offline and online adaptation mechanisms aiming to provide personalization capabilities to the game and dynamically recommend game adaptations for keeping players engaged. 

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i-PROGNOSIS showcased at the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction

ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and i-PROGNOSIS was a proud participant at the 2018 edition held in Montréal, Canada from April 21-26, 2018. 

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i-PROGNOSIS was featured in a couple of media over the past months, including on Portuguese TV! Check out the press review articles below to get the views of opinion leaders, journalists, and columnists about i-PROGNOSIS in your language.



i-PROGNOSIS partners will be attending and contributing to several events across Europe and beyond in the next few months. If you know any other relevant events, please do not hesitate to email us and ask for a presentation of our research and innovations.


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