What is i-PROGNOSIS?

i-PROGNOSIS is an EU Horizon 2020 reserach project that aims to develop Parkinson’s early detection tests based on users’ interaction with everyday technology (e.g. smartphones) and to design technology-based interventions for supporting Parkinson’s patients over the course of the disease. Learn more.


Who is behind the i-PROGNOSIS project?

A consortium of 11 partners, academic institutions and companies, from six EU counrties led by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Learn more about us.


What is the main target group of i-PROGNOSIS?

The main target group of i-PROGNOSIS is people at the age of 50+ years that are at risk of developing Parkinson’s and they want to be proactive regarding their health status against this risk, as well as, Parkinson’s patients who want to sustain their quality of life by using the i-PROGNOSIS interventions. Five facts about Parkinson’s disease.


Who can help the development of the i-PROGNOSIS detection tests?

Everyone who uses a smartphone can help, especially people belonging to the 50+ years age group, healthy and early Parkinson’s patients. Learn more about the i-PROGNOSIS community.


I am willing to, but how exactly can I help?

During the development of the i-PROGNOSIS detection tests that are based on the interaction of users with their smartphone, we will need to collect data from as many people as possible in order to train our algorithms. Thus, a mobile application will be developed that we allow us to collect the data we need. You can contribute to this process by downloading the i-PROGNOSIS application on your smartphone. Learn more about the data that we will collect from your smartphone.


I am younger but I want to help. What can I do?

We really appreciate this. You can help by informing people from your circle that belong to the target group, such as older family members, about i-PROGNOSIS and assisting them with the use of the application, if needed.


When will the i-PROGNOSIS mobile application for detection be available and for which mobile platform?

The i-PROGNOSIS application is expected to be available for download on January 2017. At first, it will be developed for the Android Operating System. Take a look at our timeline.


Do I have to interact with the i-PROGNOSIS mobile application for detection on a daily basis? For how long?

We intend to develop the detection application in such a way that it will work as a background service, meaning that it will collect the required data without requiring the user to perform any action. All you have to do is interact with your smartphone as you do any day.


I have a Microsoft® Band 2(TM), is this of any help?

That is great! We will develop our mobile application to be compatible with the Microsoft Band 2™, so as to collect additional data.


Will I be able to choose what data the i-PROGNOSIS application collects?

Yes, we intend to offer options for the user to select. activate or deactivate the collection of different types of data within the application.


Will i-PROGNOSIS, during its development, notify me if I am at high risk of Parkinson’s?

No, not during the project, as the detection tests will be under development. Your data will be used to develop the tests. However, this is the aim of the final i-PROGNOSIS detection tests, i.e., to notify users on their risk of developing the disease in collaboration with their doctors.


What about privacy and security of my data?

i-PROGNOSIS will give special care to data privacy and security aspects. That is why data collection will be anonymous, meaning that you will not have to provide us with your name or other ID. In addition, our Cloud data storage and exchange infrastructure will be base on the Microsoft Azure® platform that complies with all the necessary regulations and standards on data protection. Learn more.


What if I change my mind?

You can unistall the application at any time and all its functionalities and services will be removed from your smartphone.


More questions? Contact us and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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