11 Organisations from 6 EU Countries

The i-PROGNOSIS consortium includes 11 partners from 6 countries, all members of the European Union, namely, Greece (3), Belgium (1), Germany (2), Portugal (2), Sweden (1) and United Kingdom (1). All partners have excellent experience and capabilities related to the i-PROGNOSIS objectives and tasks in technological, health and healthy ageing policy domains.



 AUTH_seal Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Signal Processing and Biomedical Technology Unit
Multimedia Understanding Group
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Medical Physics Laboratory
Dept. of Neurology
Medical School
CERTH-Logo3 Center for Research and Technology Hellas
Information Technologies Institute
Microsoft-logo2 Microsoft Innovation Center Greece
COSMOTE-logo COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A.


AGE-logo Age Platform Europe


TUD-logo Technische Universitat Dresden
Dept. of Neurology
FRAUNHOFER-logo Fraunhofer
Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems


FMH-logo Faculdade de Motricidade Humana
Universidade de Lisboa
PLUX-logo PLUX – Wireless Biosignals S.A.


KI-logo Karolinska Institutet
Dept. of Neurobiology, Care Sciences & Society


KCL-logo King’s College London, King’s College Hospital
Dept. of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience



Medical expertise

Medical partners of i-PROGNOSIS (KCL, TUD, AUTH, KI) are experts in Parkinson’s Disease and have experience in the roll out of health information technology (IT) programmes (KCL, TUD, AUTH, KI).

Technical expertise

Technical and engineering partners (AUTH, CERTH, COSMOTE, PLUX, FHM, FRAUNHOFER, MICROSOFT) have the necessary technical expertise so as to develop the individual modules of the i-PROGNOSIS platform and to integrate them into a robust system that can be deployed for early detection of Parkinson’s, as well as for the human intervention studies.

Policies expertise

i-PROGNOSIS partner AGE has a deep understanding of health/aging policy issues, necessary for highlighting the potential benefits and impacts of i-PROGNOSIS.