Below you can find a list of scientific publications produced by the project.

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FEB 2016 – JAN 2017

[1] S. Dias, S. Hadjileontiadou, J. Diniz, J. Barroso, and L. Hadjileontiadis, “On modeling the quality of nutrition for healthy ageing using fuzzy cognitive maps,” Human Computer Interaction International 2016, Toronto, Canada, 2016.
[2] S. Dias, J. Diniz, S. Hadjidimitriou, V. Charisis, E. Konstantinidis, P. Bamidis, and L. Hadjileontiadis, “Personalized game suite: a unified platform to sustain the quality of life of Parkinson’s disease patients,” Society of Applied Neuroscience 2016 Conference, Corfu, Greece, 2016.
[3] S. Hadjidimitriou, et al., “Active and healthy ageing for Parkinson’s Disease patient’s support: a user’s perspective within the i-PROGNOSIS framework,” International Conference on Technology and Innovation in Sports, Health and Wellbeing, Vila Real, Portugal, 2016.

FEB 2017 – JAN 2018

[4] S. Hadjidimitriou, et al., “On capturing older adults’ smartphone keyboard interaction as a means for behavioural change under emotional stimuli within i-PROGNOSIS framework,” Human Computer Interaction International Conference 2017, Vancouver, Canada, 2017.
[5] S. Dias, et al., “On supporting Parkinson’s Disease patients: The i-PROGNOSIS Personalized Game Suite design approach,” 30th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017.
[6] S. Dias, et al., “Serious Games as a means for holistically supporting Parkinson’s Disease patients: The i-PROGNOSIS Personalized Game Suite framework,” 9th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, Athens, Greece, 2017.
[7] L. Klingelhoefer, et al., “iPrognosis – towards an early detection of Parkinson`s disease via a smartphone application,” German Society Of Neurology Annual Meeting 2017, Leipzig, Germany, 2017.
[8] S. Dias, et al., “Moving towards a sustainable management of Parkinson’s disease: The i-PROGNOSIS Personalized Game Suite approach“, 4th Annual Conference of redeSAÚDE, Innovation Week, Lisbon, 2017.
[9] M. Stadtschnitzer, et al., “Automatic estimation of the triangular vowel space area from i-Vectors for Parkinson’s Disease,” ICBSIP 2018: International Conference on Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, London, United Kingdom, 2018.

FEB 2018 – JAN 2019

FEB 2019 – JAN 2020