i-PROGNOSIS will give special care to data privacy and security aspects, taking into consideration the latest EU regulations and national ethics committees.

i-PROGNOSIS will base its data management on the Microsoft Azure® cloud platform which complies with all the regulations concerning privacy and security of personal data. For the management of i-PROGNOSIS Big Data, the Cloud-based data infrastructure for storage and management of the Microsoft Azure®  European data centres (Ireland and if needed also Netherlands) will be employed.



Microsoft Azure® provides compliant, independently verified cloud services. Microsoft Azure® offers detailed information about security and compliance programs, including audit reports and compliance packages, which can assessed against specific legal and regulatory requirements. Indicative compliance programs include among others ISO 27001/27002 audit and certification, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix, United Kingdom G-Cloud official accreditation and compliance with EU model clauses. Regarding the latter, Microsoft offers customers contractual guarantees around transfers of personal data for in-scope services.



The European Union data protection authorities validated Microsoft’s implementation of the E.U. model clauses as being in line with the rigorous privacy standards that regulate trans-national data transfers by companies operating in its member states. Microsoft has been the first company to receive joint approval from the E.U.’s Article 29 Working Party for its strong contractual commitments to comply with E.U. privacy laws no matter where data is located.