i-PROGNOSIS community

You would like to dedicate some time to a social initiative that aims to improve the wellbeing of our ageing population and accelerate the advancement of science? Then you may well be interested in becoming an i-PROGNOSIS ambassador!

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This year again, i-PROGNOSIS is calling for ambassadors to support and contribute to the achievement of developing early detection tools and novel supportive interventions for people living with Parkinson’s disease. Join José Mourinho, Heidi ReynoldsTony SeidlVassili Louziotis and so many others! We are pleased to discuss with you possible partnerships to support you in your own projects!

Interested in becoming an ambassador? Drop us an email!

Ambassadors are inviting their networks and communities to participate in our research by downloading the iPrognosis mobile app for free on the Google Play Store (currently available in Austria, Australia, Chile, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the UK). By collecting detailed information over long periods of time, the iPrognosis mobile app offers opportunities for health professionals to detect subtle changes that neurologists cannot perceive in consultations. The massive participation of Europeans will permit to develop the algorithms behind the app that are screening behavioural changes relating to Parkinson’s! You used to give your blood? now you can give your data!