Be part of the research, be part of the solution

The i-PROGNOSIS Community is a dynamic network of people interested to join and support the project objectives. Such a vibrant community will:


social engagement around Parkinson’s Disease.


and encourage exchange among Parkinson’s patients and their carers.


interactions between young and older people.


participants and demonstrate the importance of users’ involvement.

The i-PROGNOSIS community will interact with the network of stakeholders, notably healthcare professionals and private companies, and thus stimulate synergies.


Regardless of your age or your health status, you are welcome to join!

Each of us has a role to play:

People aged over 50 and early Parkinson’s disease patients

to test and support the development of the i-PROGNOSIS applications for early Parkinson’s detection.

Carers of Parkinson’s disease patients

to provide with your experience and help testing and assessing the different i-PROGNOSIS tools.

Young people

to interact with older people, share experience and facilitate the use of new technologies such as the smartphone and the smartwatch.


to share experience, knowledge and information in relation to Parkinson’s Disease and to support wide dissemination of the progress and results of the i-PROGNOSIS project.


By joining the community, you will:


to a revolutionary research project on Parkinson’s Disease.


from the i-PROGNOSIS tools.


with a motivated team composed of engineers specialised in new technologies, doctors and researchers passionate about Parkinson’s disease and a whole range of stakeholders sharing the same goals.


a network of friends having a shared interest with you.

Be the first

to be informed about the progress and results of the project.


As soon as the i-PROGNOSIS tools will be available, you will be able to download them via this page!

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