Christmas thank you card from i-PROGNOSIS

Special thanks to our wonderful ambassadors:
* José Mourinho, soccer coach and most famous i-PROGNOSIS supporter
* Prof. Gaëtan Garraux, from the University Hospital of Liège, Belgium
* Natalia Suller Balaguer, from the Parkinson’s Association in Castile, Spain
* Prof. Fermín Mallor, from the Public University of Navarra, Spain
* Dr. Pedro Chana, from the Movement Disorders Center, Chile
* Eng. Tiago Farias, from the transport company CARRIS, Portugal
* Dr. Dieter Volc, from the Confraternität clinic in Vienna, Austria

And long standing supporters:
* Tony: “If something does not suit you, do it yourself”
* Vassili: “I felt it was a unique, modern way to do medical research”
* Heidi: “Remember Parkinson’s is just a condition – not who you are”
* Horst: “Paragliding is also planned for next year”
* Magdalen: “So many people are out there helping us”

You wanna help us too?
This winter, donate your data for Parkinson’s research!

The whole i-PROGNOSIS team wishes you restful and happy holidays and a great start into the new year!