Currently there is no reliable test for Parkinson’s disease, but the sooner a person is diagnosed, the better. An EU-funded project, i-PROGNOSIS, is exploring how smartphones can be used to detect the first signs of this illness and help patients to manage it.

The team behind i-PROGNOSIS has developed an app for smartphones and smartwatches. When the user makes calls, writes a message, takes a selfie, or simply has the device in their pocket, the app monitors their voice, facial expressions, gait and other factors that could reveal early signs of Parkinson’s disease. Our team is also working on other equipment that can detect the early onset of symptoms, such as a set of scales to measure food consumption and a ‘smart belt’ to track bowel sounds and digestion activity.

Read the full blog-post of i-Prognosis coordinator Prof. Leontios Hadjileontiadis here