i-PROGNOSIS presented its research to pupils and the wider public during the EXPO Science is Wonderful! on 25 and 26 September 2019 at Tour and Taxis in Brussels, Belgium.

Science is Wonderful! brought the world of science to the public. Aiming at early Parkinson’s detection like i-Prognosis, or fighting cancer, slowing down global warming, preventing hunger and drought, facilitating human life in space – all of these were part of the variety of activities schools, families and young people could discover at the event. Science is Wonderful! was the perfect opportunity to encourage children’s interest in science and i-Prognosis was present to let them try out some of its research.

iPrognosis application

Visitors of the stand could  type a message on a smartphone and promptly see their scores related to slowness of movement and muscle rigidity on a laptop screen in comparison with distributions of the same scores derived from Parkinson’s patients’ and healthy volunteers’. This module is part of the screening tool for Parkinson’s symptoms i-PROGNOSIS is currently developing.

i-Prognosis games

Visitors were also able to play any of the games included in the i-Prognosis Personalized Game Suite on a laptop, smartphone and – of highest interest to the young participants – on a big screen, controlled via body movements and gestures via a motion tracking sensor. The i-Prognosis Personalized Gaming Suite includes adaptive serious games targeting improvement of physical status, dietary habits, emotional expression, oral communication and handwriting.

In addition to younger visitors, the Director General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Themis Christophidou, also visited our i-Prognosis stand and tried out the iPrognosis application model.

Director General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture – Themis Christophidou (right)
Director General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Themis Christophidou (center)

With a mounting success and a rising number of visitors, Science is Wonderful! has become the flagship event to highlight EU funded research by showcasing researchers and their projects to the wider public and in particular to pupils.