In our latest episode of Futuris, we see if apps and video games help in the treatment and early diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. In Northern Greece, a patients’ association has teamed up with researchers to find out.Ermioni Zervoudaki was 49 when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She is one of the 35 patients volunteering in Thessaloniki to test different video games designed to provide better treatments. She still works as a German language teacher. Nevertheless, she says the disease has abruptly changed her life.

“I need to have more time to schedule all my routine activities. For example, when I go shopping, I know that I will need more time, so I do not go to the supermarket during rush hour, because I put my shopping into the bags very slowly and I don’t want to be stressed. I take more time to get ready for my work, to get dressed or finish my make-up; for all my daily activities, I need more time. Even for cooking.”

Researchers have developed 14 different scenarios to help patients regain muscle tension, improve their general fitness or even fight depression.

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