Our Chilean ambassador Dr. Pedro Chana, Movement Disorders Center in Chile, answered questions about his involvement in i-prognosis.

What is your link to Parkinson’s disease?

Since I entered medical school I wanted to study neurology, however movement disorders, and specifically Parkinson’s disease, became daring when I started studying neurology , since at that time it was one of the few neurological diseases that had a significant therapeutic alternative which motivated me to continue on that path.

Why did you decide to support i-PROGNOSIS and help release the app in Chile?

I find the i-PROGNOSIS proposal very interesting and novel, it reminds me of the article published by Professor Dr. A. J. Lees When did Ray Kennedy’s Parkinson’s disease begin? in which following a famous footballer through videos raised the possibility of recognizing symptoms of the disease early – this was a unique case though. With the massive analysis of data we have the possibility of doing the same thing but on the population level. This could constitute an excellent method of early diagnosis, that is to say a biomarker.

What are the next challenges we will face in researching Parkinson’s?

I feel that there are many current challenges , one of them is addressed by this project, which is the early diagnosis and detection of new bio markers. However, from the clinical point of view, phenomenological diversity is evident and the correlation of these different phenotypes with the pathophysiological basis seems to me to be one of the most urgent challenges.