Obviously, the topic of digital health and care in an ageing context is highly visible today: the only unit within the European Commission explicitly referring to ageing is in DG CONNECT (Unit H3 “eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing”), numerous projects funded by the European Union aim at developing new technologies to support ageing well and independent living and the recent Communication on the Digital Transformation of Health and Care makes a clear reference to ageing as one of the challenge to be met. So plenty of good reasons for AGE Platform Europe to get engage in this area, but what are we advocating for?

The work conducted by AGE in the area of digital health relies on two legs: first an active involvement in EU funded projects, like i-Prognosis, FrailSafe or Maturolife, secondly policy and advocacy work through initiatives like the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing or the eHealth Stakeholders Group, with strong interconnections between the two. Whatever the channel used, we do convey the same main messages.

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