Our i-PROGNOSIS partner King’s College London (KCL) organised a meeting on 17 July 2019 to disseminate information and educate the Parkinson’s Community and their carers on i-PROGNOSIS.

Dr. Dhaval Trivedi, Prof. K Ray Chaudhuri and Dr. Valentina Leta talked about the importance of early Parkinson’s detection – a goal that the project follows with its iPrognosis app that is based on users’ interaction with everyday technology.

KCL is also conducting a clinical study in the context of i-Prognosis which involves Parkinson’s patients and healthy volunteers wearing a smartwatch.

In a consecutive step, interventions that have been designed in the project to sustain the quality of patients’ lives over the course of Parkinson’s disease, will be tested on King’s College and two other clinical partner sites in Germany and Greece.

The presentation was well received by the 20 patients and carers that attended the event at King’s College London.

Prof. K Ray Chaudhuri, Head of Parkinson’s Research at King’s College London
Dr. Valentina Leta, Clinical Research Fellow at King’s College London