Our i-Prognosis partner, Dr. Simone Mayer, participated at this year’s Parkins(on)line meeting in Graz, Austria, with a presentation on i-Prognosis and early Parkinson’s detection.

Parkins(on)line organised the three day meeting of leisure and information activities for Parkinson’s patients and their families in Graz on 16-19 June 2019. After a city sightseeing tour of Graz, an excursion to the Zotter chocolate factory and the Riegersburg castle, they were keen to participate to the information portion of the meeting.

Dr Simone Mayer from the Technical University Dresden, kicked off the information afternoon, presenting i-Prognosis to about 50 persons, consisting of Parkinson’s patients and their families, as well as healthcare professionals. Despite patients’ being already aware of their diagnosis, they were very interested to hear about early Parkinson’s detection, thinking about their family members and how this could potentially guide novel supportive interventions.

The i-Prognosis presentation was very well received and some participants even reported back on the positive experiences they had had with the app.