Following a successful meeting with the German Parkinson’s Association Leipzig in 2018, our German medical partners organized another presentation in Dresden for a support group of Parkinson’s patients and their families. i-PROGNOSIS, including all its features, was vividly presented as one of the current research activities the Technical University of Dresden is involved in.

Dr. Simone Mayer presented iPrognosis with a special focus on the project’s interventions, as the goal of the meeting was to recruit further patients for this next phase of the iPrognosis project.

Interventions include a series of novel approaches to sustain the quality of life of potential or early stage PD patients since epidemiological studies have proven that early intervention could have an inverse relation with the PD-related risks. The objective is to provide a holistic and personalised platform of supportive interventions that the user will take advantage of, in collaboration with his/her doctor and caregiver, over the course of the disease.

Participating patients are members of the Dresden Parkinson’s Association. For more information about the association, please visit their website here.

It is very important for doctors to be in constant and trusting communication with their patients, especially in the case of chronic disease. Therefore both, patients and doctors, benefit from such meetings which lead to further valuable exchange and collaboration to improve the health of persons living with Parkinson’s. Involved neurologists also want to coordinate closely with other regional Parkinson’s patients in order to reach as many patients as possible.