On December 4, i-PROGNOSIS launches the first research data collection study of the project (GData) in an additional country – Austria. In this context, the connected “iPrognosis” smartphone application is published in the Austrian Google Play Store.

It can be easily downloaded for free and we call persons with and without Parkinson’s symptoms for data donation. A donation makes it possible to support the early detection of an idiopathic Parkinson’s syndrome through the use of technical devices used in everyday life (mobile phones, smart devices).

The launch is connected to the ICT2018 event taking place in Vienna, where we have the chance to meet our new Austrian ambassador – Dr. Dieter Volc – neurologist, psychiatrist and a specialist in Parkinson’s and movement disorders based in Vienna.

Soon, you will find more information about our new ambassador on our website. We will keep you posted!

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