i-PROGNOSIS was happy to participate at the Games for Health Europe Conference on 8-9 October 2018 in Eindhoven/the Netherlands where the project representatives were able to meet game developers and researchers involved in cutting-edge digital game development.

We could take our stand in the session on “Silver Games” to state how important iterative co-creation and co-design processes are to us in the development of our Personalised Game Suite and how this can impact user acceptance in the long run.

The involvement of older people, their families and informal carers, their health and care professionals in game design is essential for the impact of a game solution on the player’s health. This clearly relates to what Ellis Bartholomeus discussed in her keynote speech: “What would a game be without its players? Games are played by players. How to design a good experience for them?” i-PROGNOSIS partners do their best to create a good experience with positive impact on the users of our Game Suite.

Find the conference retrospective here