mbl banner with Icelandic article about i-PROGNOSIS

Eftir Birnu G. Bjarnadóttur:

“Það mikilvægasta í lífi manns er góð heilsa, fæði og húsnæði. Heilsuna getum við reynt að tryggja með réttu líferni en það er þó ekki alltaf nóg.”

lesið greinina á íslensku


Birna Bjarnadóttir:

“The most important thing in one’s life is good health, food and housing. We can try to ensure good health, but it is not always enough.”

Member of Nordic Organisation for Older People (NOPO) and member of the i-PROGNOSIS Advisory Board, Birna published back in April an opinion about the project in the sixth most popular website in Iceland: the daily news mbl.is!

The research project involves getting a user group of smartphones to approve and put up an APP into their phones, which then monitors movements, walking and sleeping habits recorded in the database.

Emphasis is placed on receiving ordinary participants as well as those diagnosed with Parkinson to participate in a comparison of results. Currently, only participants from the UK, Germany and Greece are taking part but there is a work going on finding ways that participants can also be in Iceland.

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