a photo showing participants ofo the event and one presentator

The Association of Parkinsonians Patients and Friends of Northern Greece held the established “New Year’s Cake” – the so-called “Vasilopita” cake in Greek, event on Wednesday January 31, 2018. A great number of members, as well as relatives and close friends attended. Association’s President Ioannis Kanonidis wished everyone a happy new year, full of health for all members, their families, partners and friends. An occasion for i-PROGNOSIS to engage in conversation with people most concerned by the condition.

The LLM Care team (www.llmcare.gr) was also present at this event! The LLM Care always supports every activity of the Association; there is excellent cooperation between the two sides and active participation of the Association members in the LLM care ecosystem. On their side, the i-PROGNOSIS team also sent their warmest wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year. In fact, both AUTH-MED and AUTH-MEDPHYS partners attended the event, where Prof. Bonstanjopoulou and Dr. Katsarou also gave an update of the project to all attendees.

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