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Did you know that you can help neurologists diagnose Parkinson’s disease? The i-PROGNOSIS project developed a prototype of mobile application able to identify early PD symptoms to support doctors’ diagnosis. You can contribute to the improvement of this first tool: it is as simple as downloading a new mobile app… 

The i-PROGNOSIS project is based on two pillars:

1) Early detection: the project aims to build a daily and easy-to-use pronostic tool that can be used by everyone. This will take the shape of a mobile application that will collect data unobtrusively from the daily interaction of the user with a smartphone and a smartbelt in order to detect behaviours related to Parkinson’s disease.

2) Support: in a second phase, the project will build assistive interventions to help and improve oral communication, sleep and gait. It will also develop personalised solutions aiming at improving physical activities, diet, emotional expression, voice quality, etc.


Volunteers wanted!

For those purposes, we are hiring volunteers, healthy and PD patients, over 40 years old; these volunteers will participate in the i-PROGNOSIS research by anonymously donating data thanks to the iPrognosis mobile app. The app is working silently and unobtrusively and thus does not require any performance from the smartphone user.

The kinds of data collected are for instance: voice characteristics, steadiness with which the phone is hold when typing or speaking, emotional contents of text messages, face expressions on selfies, etc. Those data are anonymised, securely stored on a Cloud and processed by an algorithm able to detect behaviours corresponding to PD.


Download the app in a few easy steps…

The first prototype of the iPrognosis mobile application is free and currently available for Android devices in Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK. The user can select what type of data are recorded via the dedicated settings space. Anyone can withdraw from the study and delete the recorded data.

Let’s get started!