User testing of ICT4Life technologies

Since last October, end users such as Parkinson’s patients, seniors and caregivers based in Madrid, Spain and Paris, France have been testing ICT4Life technologies. Thanks to their personal experiences, they have been providing precious feedback!

Users performed easy housework while being monitored with cameras and smartbands. Additionally, users tested ICT4Life application interfaces for Smart TV, tablets and smartphones. The monitoring technologies and the apps will be then integrated to create a system that will connect patients, caregivers and health professionals, improving the communication flow among them and allowing intervention in case of abnormal behaviours or danger.

User testing the ICT4Life technologies

ICT4Life is a European funded project aiming to provide new services for integrated care employing user-friendly ICT tools, ultimately increasing patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other dementias and their caregivers’ quality of life and autonomy at home. Given the similar objectives ICT4Life and i-PROGNOSIS pursue, the two project consortia decided to cooperate.

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Next event: 29 Sept. 2017, Madrid, at the European Researchers’ Night