COSMOTE is the unified commercial brand for all fixed, mobile, Internet & pay TV products and services of OTE Group, leading telecommunications provider in Greece. George Lyberopoulos, Head of Research & Development Department, shares with us COSMOTE’s point of view on the role of mobile devices in healthcare and its ambitions in i-PROGNOSIS.


What is your role in the frame of the i-PROGNOSIS project?

COSMOTE participates in the project with a dedicated high-skilled R&D team with experience in EU and national funded technology-oriented projects. In the context of the i-PROGNOSIS project, COSMOTE contributes to the use cases definition, the user/system requirements and the overall system architecture focusing on the communication framework. In addition, COSMOTE is responsible for ensuring the proper operation of the i-PROGNOSIS mobile application and the monitoring of the SData/GData collection process, while contributing to the validation and evaluation of the overall system. Being a leading company in mobile telecommunications with high European profile (OTE Group member of the DT Group), it also supports the societal perspective of i-PROGNOSIS by contributing to the dissemination and exploitation activities.

Why have you decided to get involved in a project on Parkinson’s?

COSMOTE promotes research and innovation, by the active participation in a large number of R&D projects (27 EU funded projects in 2017, 11 5G-PPP ones among them) spanning a wide range of technological domains (such as 5G, technology interoperability, SDN/NFV, cloud computing, IoT, energy smart grids, m-health, next generation emergency services, ITS.), besides its internal R&D activities. At the same time, COSMOTE through several sustainable development initiatives supports society, protects the environment and aims to create a better world for all through technology.

The i-PROGNOSIS project has been a great challenge for COSMOTE since it combines technology innovation in the emerging IoT era with health care and social relief regarding one of the commonest neurodegenerative diseases. i-PROGNOSIS offers a promising opportunity to help scientists to “fight” Parkinson’s disease and potentially improve the patients’ quality of life by benefiting from the technology advances, while encouraging people’s engagement and volunteerism, the latter constituting priceless values and motivations behind our corporate vision and strategy. The i-PROGNOSIS project comprises a clear paradigm that technology and innovation are the means to satisfy unmet social needs and achieve a better world for everyone. COSMOTE’s involvement in i-PROGNOSIS constitutes the continuation of a similar activity against dementia.

What could be the role of network operators as COSMOTE in the healthcare sector in the future?

Currently, COSMOTE is offering integrated and innovative business IT solutions in various sectors (business Cloud, fleet management, smart cities, smart grids, e-energy, e-tourism, e-health, etc.) aiming at business sustainability. For the health sector in particular, a number of “projects” are currently running aiming at optimizing operation of health care units, reducing their operating costs, improving the level of services provided to hospital patients and providing medical assistance from a distance, such as: (a) the transformation of the Papageorgiou Hospital in Thessaloniki into a “smart” digital hospital, (b) the “e-Prescription” national project, (c) the “National Telemedicine Network” project, which includes 43 telemedicine units, that link health centers in Aegean islands with central hospitals in Athens and other regions, (d) the interconnection of 31 hospitals with the National Research and Development Network.

The emerging technology advances, including 5G technology, fiber everywhere, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, etc. will shift the role of network operators to new business eras / vertical markets such as transportation, food, energy, including health care, by offering innovative personalized solutions in a more effective way. They do have the means to access every citizen, enter every home and every business, comprehend their various needs and priorities and respond to them by adapting their products / offerings accordingly. In parallel, they will continue to invest on sustainable development activities.