The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – A3 Action Group working on the prevention of functional decline and frailty gathered in Valencia (Spain) on last June 28-29, 2017, hosted by the rectory of the University of Valencia. i-PROGNOSIS was there!

On June 28, the DietaryGames – as part of the i-PROGNOSIS Personalised Game Suite approach – were presented by the coordinator of the Food and Nutrition Action Area, Maddalena Illario, including 3 different game scenarios and the corresponding common framework to be followed by the games. The presentation also included the next actions that will consider the readjustment of the designed storyboards taking into account the literature review, the users’ perspective and medical opinion feedback, towards the development phase of the games.

On June 29, Sofia Balula Dias, from the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Universidade de Lisboa) and Portuguese partner of the i-PROGNOSIS project, gave a presentation showing the i-PROGNOSIS overall perspective, announcing and disseminating the first research data collection study of the i-PROGNOSIS project (GData), via the iPrognosis mobile application available on the Google Play Store in 4 different languages (i.e. English, Greek, Germany and Portuguese).

Taking into account the well documented social and economic impact that Parkinson’s Disease has in several regions in Spain (García-Ramos et al., 2016), some collaborations and synergies towards the dissemination of the app in Spain were initiated.

In total, the meeting brought together about 40 coordinators from all over Europe to discuss key results from Health Programme projects focusing on frailty, to set-up bridges at the European level and in the priorities of the strategic plan of the European Commission (DG Sante).