Last May 18, 2017 i-PROGNOSIS was at the Centre for healthy ageing of Dresden to present the first mobile application of the project for the early detection of Parkinson’s disease.

Many people reached the lecture hall of the brand-new UniversitätsCentrum für Gesundes Altern to listen to Dr. med. Lisa Klingelhöfer from Klinik und Poliklinik für Neurologie of the Technische Universität Dresden. She introduced the audience to the iPROGNOSIS application and how it will be used for medical research purposes. She also explained it in an interview.

By unobtrusively sourcing data from users’ smartphone, the app will hopefully enable researchers to identify patterns that are associated with already known motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s. The data gathered from this study will help to develop an optimised app and corresponding computer programs which can recognise changes in behaviour related early Parkinson’s. Read more information about our GData study.

General physicians, neurologists, geriatrics and Parkinson’s disease patient groups from Dresden and Freiberg joined the event and were the very first ones to download the app in Germany! If you want to install the app too but need guidance, visit our App page.