The first project year ended up with major developments achieved thanks to living lab methodologies. As a matter of fact, development teams engaged patients as co-designers for the intervention games.

Parkinson’s Disease patients have been presented with several storyboards (mockups) of some serious games, as envisaged by the partners based on literature findings. The patients were excited to participate early enough in the design and gave valuable feedback in game categories: physical exercise (ExerGames), dietary, emotional, voice and handwriting games.

Patients were very creative when they were asked to re-design the components of the games

The goal was to co-create games useful for their health and wellbeing and fun at the same time. Quite expectedly, PD patients were very creative when they were asked to re-design, if they wanted, the components of the games. Their imagination was sometimes richer than that of the designers in some of the games, and this made them feel real co-creators.