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The European Brain Council (EBC) is currently running a two-year research project aiming to demonstrate that there is a considerable treatment gap in Europe, with only about a third of cases receiving the therapy or medication needed. 

Analyses demonstrate that there is a considerable treatment gap in Europe. Thus EBC has undertaken to work on generating evidence on the socio-economic benefits of healthcare interventions in order to develop a workable model of care for brain disorders.

Invited at the ICT4Life event on 19 January 2017, the EBC underlined that – in the absence of cure as it is the case for Parkinson’s – it is all the more important to timely diagnose patients so that health professionals can offer prompt treatments. When taken early, interventions combining pharmacological and social treatments can be successful.

The “Value of treatment for brain disorders” project will close on 22 June 2017 with the release of a report proposing a model of integrated care for brain disorders to close the treatment gap in Europe.

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