Global Kinetics’ Parkinson’s KinetiGraph wearable

Global Kinetics’ Parkinson’s KinetiGraph system, a wearable system that records body movements to monitors the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, has received its CE marking, indicating it’s safe to use across Europe.

The system generates data drive reports to alert patients and clinicians in case of potentially significant changes. Dominic Paviour, a consultant neurologist at the St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said that the technology provides a “graphic form” of speed of movement, tremors and excessive movement to the clinicians.

“It can give the patient a little more confidence that their symptoms are being monitored, as a clinician I can get an independent and objective idea of what a patient’s motor symptoms are like.”

The CE mark is one of the few ways health software and accompanying wearable devices can be accredited for the UK market.

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