MATH 2017 – also called the International Symposium on Mobile and Assistive Technology for Healthcare – proposes to be an aggregator for multidisciplinary research and scientific challenges in the Healthcare Technology domain. It will take place in the frame of the 9th International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED), to be held in Nice, France, from 19th to 23rd March 2017.

The essence of this mini-symposium lies mainly in its multidisciplinary nature and the technology applied to healthcare is the backbone of this multidisciplinarity. The main topic of MATH 2017 is “ICT applied for mobile healthcare and wellbeing”.

Particularly, MATH 2017 has the aim to focus different scientific works dealing with four main components: patient safety, prevention and health management and wellbeing. Topics will be the following:

  • Mobile e-health application
  • Assistive technology in wellbeing and active aging
  • Internet of Things for health care system
  • ICT platforms for domestic healthcare
  • Wearable, outdoor and home-based applications
  • Healthcare telemetry and telemedicine

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