In their second annual national consumer survey of over 4000 consumers, the San Francisco-based venture fund Rock Health highlighted 50 things we now know about digital health consumers. Among those things: the report underlines the fact that more people than ever are using wearable devices, they are also more willing to share their data, and want to take more ownership of their health.

Yet, while 84% of those aged 55 and older saying they trust their physician to keep their health data secure, only 19 percent trust tech companies to do the same reminds the report. “Technology companies still have a long way to go in gaining the trust of one of healthcare’s largest consumer groups: seniors”.

  • 46% are considered active digital health adopters, meaning they have used three or more categories of digital health – which includes telemedicine, wearables, apps or mobile health coaching.
  • Nearly 87% of survey respondents said they want to be in control of who has access to their data, and 86% want to know what data is collected about them.
  • Even with privacy and security concerns, 77% want to share their health information, especially with their physicians and family members.
  • Telephone is the most popular medium for telemedicine, followed by email and text, but the highest satisfaction is from live video.


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