Anthony Mule StagnoAnthony Mule’ Stagno is a 76 years old pensioner. He was diagnosed with very early Parkinson’s disease three years ago. As a technology-savvy, he is very much willing to contribute to the i-PROGNOSIS project. 


Could you introduce yourself in a few lines?

I am 76 years old, married with 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. I am retired… sort of! Because I still work part-time in my son’s business, being in charge of ICT. I am also secretary of the Telemalta – Maltacom-Go Pensioners’ Association. Lately I have also been appointed on the Council assisting the new Commissioner for the Elderly instituted by the Maltese Government. I try to keep myself active on all levels, physically, mentally and socially. You may be wondering what a 76 year old man is doing in the ICT field. Well I always was techno minded and have worked for 38 years in the telecommunications field, mostly telephony. I am also proud to say that I had one of the first computers in Malta, at the time called Home Computers not PCs.

Why is the early detection of Parkinson’s disease an important issue?

I was diagnosed with very early onset of Parkinson’s disease about 3 years ago, and the neurologist told me that it was so early that she wouldn’t give me any medication. She also told me not to visit her again for at least one year unless my symptoms deteriorated. By the way, my only symptoms are occasional slight tremors of my right hand, that’s why I was surprised with all the symptoms targeted in the i-PROGNOSIS project. Even though I do not see the benefit of being diagnosed early yet, it will probably help later as the situation worsens.

What is your interest in participating to the i-PROGNOSIS project?

I would be very glad to participate in the i-PROGNOSIS project in any way possible because this may be of assistance for not only myself but also for future sufferers.

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