ENTELIS is the name of a a new European partnership for learning and innovation in the field of digital inclusion which was launched during the third ENTELIS project seminar in Brussels on 19 October.

The partnership is the result of three European umbrella organisations (EASPD, AAATE and EVBB) joining efforts to better support their members working for the empowerment of people with disabilities and elderly in the digital society.

According to the project co-ordinator Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf of AIAS Bologna “the collaborative agreement is the result of three years of study into the factors that determine the digital exclusion of persons with disabilities and older people. During this period the awareness has grown that we can do a lot together in order to remove barriers for full digital participation, including the digital skills development of the persons with disabilities themselves.

The network is open to all organisations worldwide that commit to collaborate by sharing their best practice or by participating in collaborative work (sprints) aiming at the development of policy, strategies and tools.

For more information on the manifesto and the new network: www.entelis.net