City4Age will activate urban Communities to facilitate the role of social/health services and of families in dealing with mild cognitive impairments and frailty in the elderly population. The challenge is to demonstrate that Cities play a pivotal role in the unobtrusive collection of “more data” on individual behaviours, and with “increased frequency”. This can then greatly improve the early detection of risks through the timely analysis of changes in these behaviours and, finally, the design of effective interventions for countering these risks.

More precisely City4Age focuses on the following:

  • Leveraging large amounts of personal data from individuals, collected (through new sensing technologies) both at home and public spaces
  • Managing the personal data flows following a privacy-aware linked open data paradigm
  • Providing basic reasoning and learning mechanisms to identify relevant behaviours, detect changes that can be correlated with risks of cognitive health and frailty, developing ICT based interventions to mitigate these risks and facilitate the growth of a sustainable eco-system of services for an elderly-friendly urban environment.

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