More about the Project


i-PROGNOSIS is a multiscope project that its main objectives revolve around the development of new detection methods and interventions for Parkinson's, but, also, expand to the societal level. (more…)


From smartphones and fitness bands to smart connected everyday objects (Internet of Things) and serious games, i-PROGNOSIS will employ the latest technology to design its detection tests and interventions. (more…)

Data Privacy

i-PROGNOSIS will give special care to data privacy and security aspects, taking into consideration the latest EU regulations and national ethics committees. (more…)

11 Partners from 6 EU countries

Latest News

Experimental Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms Shows Early Promise

Craig van Horne and his team are testing Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Plus, a treatment that shows promise in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. DBS is a surgical procedure used […]

Wearable Parkinson’s system gets CE marking

Global Kinetics’ Parkinson’s KinetiGraph system, a wearable system that records body movements to monitors the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, has received its CE marking, indicating it’s safe to use across […]

AAATE congress (11-15 Sept. 2017)

The 2017 AAATE congress is a 5-day event about Assistive Technologies and will take place from 11-15th September 2017. The main conference will be from 13-14th September and up to […]

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